Gladys has been part of the Biovie team since 2020. Her daily tasks include managing stocks, supplier orders, import/export operations, and logistics 📦, all aimed at ensuring the smooth supply of the store. She also supervises the customer service team and serves as the point of contact for professional clients. Her language skills acquired during her studies and travels enable her to communicate with all of Biovie's foreign suppliers and clients.

🌴 Gladys is a true nomad. Since her first departure from France at the age of 19, she hasn't stopped moving. Gladys has lived, studied, and worked in several European countries. In 2017, she embarked on a journey to Latin America: a year and a half of exploration during which she became a vegetarian, developed a serious interest in vegan cuisine, and explored alternative lifestyles in various communal living spaces.

Today, thanks to Biovie, she maintains the freedom that is so dear to her heart. She can continue to explore the world and pursue her passions such as music, dance, and organizing festivals. She regularly lends a hand at events ranging from small community festivals to large-scale gatherings, all while working at Biovie. ✨