Unfired Clay Green Illite
Unfired Clay Green Illite
comparison biovie clays
comparison biovie clays
Unfired Clay Green Illite
Unfired Clay Green Illite
comparison biovie clays
comparison biovie clays

Non-heated Illite clay

Non-heated Illite clay, bag of 1kg

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Non-heated Illite clay, bag of 1kg

We use clay for over twenty years with our six children and we discovered Les Argiles du Soleil (The Clays of the Sun) a few years ago, they are part of our family and travel first-aid kit. We decided to list and provide you with these clays, which are really the top-level quality in France and maybe in the world because we are particularly well positioned in France for clays. This small company located in Mons (Gard) works only with clays of the Vaucluse and the Drôme, and provides clays, which are dried in the sun without any thermal intervention, of absolutely exceptional quality. Les Argiles du Soleil are exported worldwide and are recommended by by Dr Jade Allegre, a naturopathic doctor, who is really the French specialist of clay. Find a summary of her thesis of Medicine about the use of clay internally on her website, or her full thesis.

Les Argiles du Soleil stand out of the clays that are found traditionnally on the market and in the pharmacy because they are:

  • raw without processing
  • non-heated, simply dried in the sun
  • unwashed
  • non-ionised
  • not tested on animals
  • They thus retain all their natural properties and their surface exchange.

Being a good adsorbent, Illite green clay is the multifunction Swiss army knife of clays. In external use, it is particularly recommended for light acne-prone skin. It is a common clay, strongly calcite and poor in magnesium, mainly used for its adsorption power of impurities, waste and its ability to reduce sebum.

Environmental and social commitments of Les Argiles du Soleil

  • Full sorting of all our waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, vegetable matter, etc.)
  • Reduction of waste at the root with re-use of packaging and labelling that are transformed into wedges for the packing of orders
  • All the clays are French, and dried in the sun, therefore, no mechanical process come into play (Vaucluse, and Drôme, therefore, we reduce the environmental supply impacts and fa-vour local employement).
  • For all office supplies and ink, we support in priority sustainable and recycled industries.
  • Establishment of a partnership for the products packaging with French suppliers
  • We promote the employement of people living in close proximity in order to maximize the well-being of employees (no long travels to come to work) and to reduce the discharge of CO2 by offering carpooling
  • Non-existence of wage gap between men and women
  • Time planning to support external activities (leisure, work, external, family, etc.) of everyone

The health-related information presented in the videos below are based on the experience and research of the authors. The authors of these videos do not provide medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a medical treatment. We disclaim all responsibility for the personal or collective consequences relating to the use of the information contained in these videos:

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