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Cooking sprouted seeds - Irena Banas
Cooking sprouted seeds - Irena Banas - summary
Irena Banas
Cooking sprouted seeds - Irena Banas
Cooking sprouted seeds - Irena Banas - summary
Irena Banas

Cooking the sprouted seeds - Irèna Banas x Biovie - Marie Claire Ed.

Inspiration for cooking sprouted seeds on a daily basis, the heart of Biovie, in association with Marie Claire Editions

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It is an honor Marie Claire Editions have given us by entrusting us with the direction of this work written by Irèna Banas.


After her book on Raw Cuisine, Irèna Banas shares new recipes with us, this time with sprouted seeds as a central ingredient! And another novelty: Biovie is joining forces with Irèna to provide you with advice throughout the book. Eric shares with you decades of experience and his knowledge of the different seeds making up each of the recipes, page after page.

This book is simple, pleasant, the recipes are easy to prepare and the book is offered at a very affordable price.

Discover these 50 raw and vegan recipes full of color and energy!

Sprouted seeds are nutritional bombs that have many health benefits. Germination increases the quality and quantity of the micro-nutrients initially present in the seed, in addition to making them assimilable for our body. It is very easy to grow them at home and seeing the seeds germinate is a real satisfaction on a daily basis. With this book you will be able to discover the diversity of possible uses to integrate them into all your meals.

On the program:

Juices, starters, pizzas, main courses, vegetable drinks, and even desserts!

Irène Banas

Chef specializing in living plant-based food, aromatologist, magnetizer and Druidess, Irèna is committed to democratizing healthy food and health by offering simple and gourmet recipes. She likes to experiment, innovate, surprise.

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