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e-book the seaweed protein

The Seaweed Crusine (ebook)

e-book "The Seaweed Crusine", 32 live and iodine recipes by Croc ' La Vie


E-book "The Algae Crusine"

32 living and iodine recipes by Bérengère-Emma Foyard and Christina Schmidt of Croc ' La Vie, 42 pages

32 varied, healthy and tasty recipes for all seasons. Vitamin juice, remineralizing Muesli, micro-seaweed smoothie, kelp noodle broth, makis, nigiris, iodized crackers, seaweed spread and other special seaweed recipes !

Nourishing and revitalizing wonders, algae are essential for good health and make us enjoy their iodine flavor. They are a wonderful source of minerals and trace elements. Including them in our diet ensures that we compensate for the loss of nutrients caused by the depletion of the soil from which our vegetables come. And the list of their benefits is long…

Croc la vie wanted to share with you these recipes, to give inspiration to cook with these nutritional treasures. 

Lovers and consumers of algae for many years, we are happy with this collaboration Croc La vie-Biovie

In this cookbook you will find the fruits of the labor of our last years.

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