For The Love of Children - Anna Wahlgren

"For The Love Of Children" from Anna Wahlgren, the guide to parenting from 0 to 16 years, published in 1 million copies in 10 languages.

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Anna Wahlgren - For The Love Of Children

International bestseller, translated into 8 languages

More than 1 million copies sold worldwide

Parenting guide 0 - 16 years old


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This work is a miracle.

It is a crazy project, born in December 2016. Following the publication of "A Godd Night's Sleep", we launched a public call for the collective translation of "For The Love of Children", the work of a lifestime by Anna Walgren.

60 volunteers answered and committed themselves, to their measure, in the translation of a fragment of the book, this titanic work spread over two years. Then, it took a whole year to reconstruct the puzzle and harmonize it, and this was made possible thanks to the voluntary meticulouswork of Sara Bussenot, translator and friend of Anna.

Anna Wahlgren, a renowned expert in the field of childhood in Scandinavia, gives us a real guide here, from pregnancy to adolescence.

Acclaimed by more than a million readers around the world, "For The Love Of Children" is finally available in French.

With her experience as a mother of nine children, Anna Wahlgren explores in this book, in a very personal way, all the practical, psychological and educational aspects of parenting from the care of the newborn to the preparation of the young adult leaving the household.

Written with candor, dreaminess, affection and humor, "For The Love Of Children" offers concrete, useful and practical information on the myriad of daily problems facing parents. She also portrays with great sincerity what she has deduced from her long experience with children, their basic needs and the role of their parents in their journey to the big world.

This book is a gold mine for anyone who cares about living well with their child within the "pack" that is their family. You will learn key concepts such as "social participation", the obviousness of routines and the importance of laughter.

Born in 1942, Anna Wahlgren is a Swedish writer and author, mother of nine, grandmother of eighteen grandchildren and great-grandmother of three great-grandchildren. For decades, she has supported parents and defended the rights of the child. She has participated actively, and often in controversial ways, in the national public debate on children's education in Sweden. She is one of the most listened to childhood authorities in the Nordic countries and is renowned for her famous sleep "therapy" "A Good Night's Sleep", which has enabled thousands of children (and their parents) to get a good night's sleep.


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