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irene grosjean free pdf book...
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Life in Abundance - Irène Grosjean

The work of a lifetime, 60 years of naturopathy

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Irène Grosjean, the work of a lifetime. Biovie Editions.

We no longer present Irène Grosjean, 91 summers this year, more than 60 years of naturopathic practice.




When she is not in a meeting or training in Greece, Belgium or Morocco, where she has inspired the creation of a centre for "raw" trainings and stays in the desert, Irene practices naturopathy in Graveson, in Provence. She willingly shares her passion for life with a big L, and her videos total more than 5 million views on YouTube and Facebook. This book is the quintessence of all her years of practice, an ode to good health, through the common sense of a woman, mother and grandmother of a more than respectable age whose overflowing vitality is the very demonstration of her message.

"Let food be your only remedy !", professed Hippocrates.

At a time when more and more questions are emerging in the minds of the general public, concerning the composition and quality of the diet, to invite ourselves to the table of Irène Grosjean is a bath of vitality.

And it is not a figure of speech : a graduate naturopath, this energetic young lady of ninety-one summers has dedicated her life to natural health and living nutrition, accumulating striking results and a colossal experience.

"Alive"... it is the first qualifier that comes to our head, when standing alongside Irène. Her energy seems inexhaustible! It is because she draws it directly from its best and inexhaustible source : nature. 

The finest gourmets and the greatest food lovers will be delighted by the richness of Irène's raw, vegan and without heating cuisine. The most tired will find energy and performance back by applying her precepts of naturopathy. In this luminous book, full of flavours and enthusiasm, Irène has synthesized her medicinal know-how and her culinary manners. She gives our food its central, fundamental place, and offers us nothing less than the control of our well-being and our health." 

Damien Artero, Director

Observations by Dr. Cyril Gacond

What if our health was the result of very simple principles of life?

What if  a certain hygiene of life could enable us to live to an advanced age with full energy, mobility and without pain?

What if ancestral methods such as fasting, purges and mono-diets could prevent and cure many of our ailments?

What if cleansing our humors could boost our mood and drive away our anxieties?

What if a certain way of thinking and acting could lead us to the much sought-after experience of true well-being?

What if...we were really the architects of our life and able to transform it at any time?

This is the message that Irène Grosjean, doctor of naturopathy, transmits to us after more than 60 years of research and practice of True, Total and Natural Health on all levels.


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  • 384 pages,
  • size 14x21,
  • carton strong book cover
  • sewn work,
  • printing on 100% recycled paper,
  • plant-based inks

Discover Irène Grosjean in video:

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