Sensory food

Sensory food

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I'm a raw foodist mom... and, as such, I know all the complexity that food change provides.

I met so many families in distress, not knowing how to get involved in a food transition without creating frustrations from all sides, so that it was essential to offer specific support.

Because my hobby, it’s sensory diet, I’ve created, almost a year ago, the “Sensory food in family” training, accessible to small budgets and the whole family.

It is important to be aware that between habits, social constraints, desires, emotional gaps and the desire to do well, to be better, it is often complicated to find our way in serenity.

Sensory food then becomes an essential basis for the precise knowledge of our internal control mechanisms and for the discovery of our innate power. Moreover, it enables flexibility to adjust to all situations.

And since it must be admitted that the current trend is towards online training, all that was missing was to offer it to you as well.

Available at any time, for all, whatever the surrounding circumstances, and allowing everyone to follow it at their own pace, you will discover in this training:

-> the principles of self-regulation of the human body on food aspect

-> something to live the experience of sensory initialization in family

-> solutions to use in order to remain flexible and sociable

-> allies to health, not to forget that we are a body, a soul and a spirit

-> tricks to keep family life fluid

-> practical documents to keep in memory, re-read, and to find my tips quickly

-> and other surprises!

This training is accessible to all. For this purpose, it is fragmented into short thematic videos, coupled with PDF documents, to satisfy both audio and writing enthusiasts. It doesn't require any special prior knowledge! The knowledge of our sensory systems remains useful throughout life. Then, take your chance while it is there and go to the discovery of yourself in joy and simplicity!

Looking forward to seeing you in the live of the training!

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