E-learning trainings to the professions of hygienism naturopath

E-learning trainings to the professions of hygienism naturopath

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Human beings are an integral part of Nature and it would be absurd to want to dissociate them from it. Our modern societies, however, tend to make us forget that Nature is our finest example, our finest source of inspiration. Because we are deeply alive, we are Nature, perfect in its functioning.

However, our western lifestyles always take us a little further away from our inner nature, from our very essence. We are living beings endowed with a great power, the one of regeneration. Health is our most precious commodity, physically, psychologically and emotionally. It is the foundation for a fulfilling and creative life allowing everyone to do the best for this world. Preserving it, caring for it and nourishing the life within us is the most responsible act of citizenship and the greatest proof of love that we can offer to ourselves and to others.

This is why we believe that it is essential to regain our autonomy facing our health by enabling each of us to realign ourselves with the laws of Nature, the laws of life and to reappropriate the resulting responsibilities. 

VITALI FORMATION aims to train health educators, professionals able to support anyone wishing to change their overall lifestyle to regain a state of full health or quite simply to preserve it. 

Thanks to piecemeal trainings, our school is also aimed at health professionals wishing to expand their practice, complete or update their knowledge, as well as the general public looking for new knowledge and experiences. We believe that hygienism naturopathy is the royal path to enable everyone to dive into the heart of life by connecting with Nature, to what she offers and teaches us.

Thus, supported by a trained and experienced teaching team, the various courses offered by VITALI combine theory and know-how, all assets enabling future practitioners to fully engage in this fabulous and deeply human profession.

A follow-up is put in place throughout the course as well as post-training support to allow practitioners to settle professionally in the best conditions.

If these proposals inspire you and the call of Nature resonates in you, then we will have the pleasure of welcoming you to undertake this wonderful journey to the heart of life...

Vitali offers two types of courses depending on your professional project as well as piecemeal training courses for anyone wishing to deepen and improve their practice in a particular field.

Make your choice with confidence! Vitali will accompany you throughout your journey:

➜ Advisor in vital hygiene and naturopathy

➜ Hygienism naturopath practitioner

➜ Piecemeal trainings

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