Babies food

Babies food

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What to say, if not, that from birth, a little mammal must be fed with the mother's milk.

And that formula milk or not, the milk of cows is only intended to physically, intellectually and emotionally feed the calves in order to triple the birth weight in three months.

Which is absolutely not the case for the little women and men whose only and best food must be the mother’s milk. This milk will especially be better for her/his health if her/his mother is fed as nature has anticipated it.

By the way, when a mother can’t feed her baby, it means that she needs to take over the reigns of her diet...

In other words, to replace her cooked, dead and stimulating food with fruit, vegetables and sprouted seeds that nature has planned for any human diet.

Which explains that a baby fed with a milk of some other mammal than the one of his mother will necessarily have digestion and elimination problems. And because he will not be able to have enough bowel movement, all the residues that his little body could not eliminate will break down into his intestines, will come into a state of putrefaction and poison him...

Therefore, he will not sleep well, will be grumpy, whiner and necessarily sick one day or another.

What to do under these conditions?

Change this artificial milk to the maximum by natural milk whose best will never replace the one of his mother.

But it will already be so much better than any cow’s milk or other mammalized so-called formula milk that is absolutely not made for small men and can only constipate and make them sick....

The best I know is fresh coconut milk. Excellent also for the biggest of all ages... For want of anything better, you can try almonds and dates milk or any other oily and sweet dried fruit (see recipes on

Also learn to make small fruit purées with the ones he prefers. Because in front of a raw fruit or vegetable, the body knows exactly what it needs most and loves it...

While in front of a cooked or processed food in any way, it loves, asks, demands exactly the food or supposed food with which, it is the most poisoned.

And since it is the one it will eat most willingly, it will only be able to poison itself more and more and lose its health.

And if, even under these conditions, your baby does not have a bowel movement at least twice a day, make him a little enema with a enema pear you will find in a pharmacy and fill it with warm water before introducing it in the anus of your baby lying on the back and on a large towel that will collect the water and fecal materials that this little enema will make him eject.

Something you can do every day or even twice a day, to reactivate its intestinal system.

And if it is not enough, each evening, make a castor oil pack he will keep all night. For this, massage all his little belly with two to three tablespoons of castor oil. Put on a layer of hydrophilic cotton that you will use again the following days and bandage everything with a velcro strip. In the morning, remove this pack, bathe the child and massage his belly with a few drops of essential oil.

For more information, call 06 95 33 06 50 to make an appointment for a consultation, which will enable me to guide you personally.

All good, Irène Grosjean.

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