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Help Baby sleep through the night


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Are you tired to the point of having the fear of losing the head ? Not being able to sleep is an ordeal. Sleep deprivation is a means of torture feared. The one that prevents sleep will soon be ready to accept anything in exchange for sleep.Now you do not have to accept anything.Your child no longer !The cure of The dodo small, you can help your child to sleep soundly, peacefully and continuously.Not for five, six or seven hours, but twelve hours.Do not despair more ! The help you need can be found in this book ! 272 pages, 16.5 x 24 cmGroupe facebook support self-directed to The dodo small Here's my preface of "The dodo small" : This book is a book that we took out the head of the water and gave us the impulse to re-edit so that he can help other families to the edge of the abyss as we have been. Zia was born at home and in the water, it is the last of a family blended of six children. Six months ago, its nocturnal awakenings and unpredictable, combined with a family situation complex have led my girlfriend Aurélie exhaustion acute, jeopardizing its health, the health of Zia who had not had her sleep, our marriage and even the existence of our family. Don't talk about breastfeeding, which was part of a vicious circle, because the more Aurélie was exhausted, his milk was nourishing and Zia woke up. My own attempts to get up to all the revivals of Zia did not give anything, if not I found the hiking up at night to sleep. Our friends Thierry and Marina Casasnovas responded to our distress call in us putting this book in the hands. We followed the advice to the letter, I installed a mattress in the hallway for the first two nights of the cure, and at the end of the third night, Zia was a night full of 11: 30 without waking up, a miracle for us. Aurélie could finally start to relax and go back slowly to the slope of the depletion. We now had evenings to relax, the five feedings day-to-day allowed a nursing of quality. Since Zia continues on this path, she is in the mood relaxed, reassured by the rhythm that we've found, and sleeps between 14 and 15 hours per 24 hours. We quickly wanted to share this cure to maximum parents, they have an approach to parenting alternative or traditional, and the new edition of this book has immediately imposed itself on us. This is not a method to be applied, a recipe all ready, but a real cure, and the fundamental point for it to be successful is to understand the needs archaiques of your child, which can only be done by the complete reading of the book. I hope from the bottom of my heart that reading this book will bring you results as dramatic as it is for us. Eric Viardet some new Aurélie :hello, Hello Then news of our nights...Zia is sleeping all night since the end of August, in his bed, so she sleeps through the night since 6 months. The cure has been a true success at the end of 48 hours.Me, it took me about 6 weeks to really recover.Today Zia has 9 months old. There are 3 days, she wakes up again around 1 in the morning.The first night when she did that, and although she had not wanted to eat in the evening and his stomach gurgled, I gave her the breast, she was really feeding and went back to sleep until the morning...The next day, we were very careful to what she eats in the evening and the night was complete...The next night, it grows small cries at about 3: 00, Eric stands up, he puts his hand in the back and she gets rendortLa last night, around 5: 30 in the morning, "cry" of hunger, I give her the breast and she is returning to sleep until 8.30 am.Conclusion:-listen to the baby and not be rigid-Zia grows up and needs to eat more-Zia need to be reassured and thank the cure because a simple "flapotement" enough ! Aurélie MazermQuelques testimonies of the group in Facebook : Hello to all ! Then we started the cure on Monday evening, determined. We have not fulfilled all the conditions since we have put Diane, 6 months, in the room of his sister, Albane, 2 years and 4 months. I told myself that it was going to be the big chaos and no sleep... Diane woke up every hour as usual, but I have not given him the breast... it is dad who has taken care of the first 2 nights... with - error! - the mattress in the room girls ! - it was very difficult the first night but it was well explained and I really believe that she did not feel at all abandoned or insecure. And then in spite of the tears, Albane, who still wake up often at night, did not wake up !!! Further, it is I who have taken the baton on the third night, with some long periods of wakefulness, but less of a wake up call. And yesterday only one wake up... and on this night, a miracle ! She slept from 19: 30 to 6: 20 in a sitting ! Despite waking up at 5 am his sister !! The alarm clock was still hard but so happy :) it is almost euphoric of these new perspectives ! Diane radiates to sleep well, she eats really well for three days, is even more patient than she already was... and Albane loves to have her sister with her in the room !!! I admit to not having read the entire book, at 3/4 just before you start, it was too urgent ! But it was enough for me to convince me and I determine to start, no doubt about the benefits for the whole family. Meals are now well-defined and more than feeding on demand day and everything is bcp, bcp, more serene... for her and for me!!! This is the method that is the opposite of what I had practiced with the big. But I believe that ultimately education the sleep service is to make the whole family. Albane has been able to suck a lot until 18 months and now his sleep is still random. Security arguably more constructive than a reply immediately to all the desires... that are not needs!!! Ahaha... it makes me laugh to see me to say that !!! Courage to all! The game is worth the candle....Celine Ohana 3rd night of the cure that has just ended, our Loulou has slept from 19: 35 to 6: 45 with a clock of 30 sec at 6.10 am!!! And to say that there are 3 days he woke up every 30 minutes and sucked!Nanou Brech Hello, review after a month of cure... Lysis sleeps very well-20.45-7.30 am and has a nap of 1h30-1h45 so we are thrilled! Most importantly she falls asleep without crying with pleasure, she demands to go to bed, although she claimed sometimes to be accompanied to sleep but we stay in the method, we are delighted she has returned to the nursery one morning per week and she is delighted with it ( whereas before it was hard) she starts to go potty, and eat very well, I am on the end of the feeding head in the morning and 16h, Lysis was 18 months old... in Spite of a lot of questions , it works, and we are delighted with them.... We begin to talk about it around us... That's good luck!!!Nelly The Tender All previous testimony I have used extensively, I bring you a testimony of mid-cure ! I am on the 3rd day of the cure !My daughter is 2 years and 2 months. I breastfeed still, from time to time but most of all, she didn't sleep the night asking to nurse regularly. It woke me up every time and I had a lot of trouble getting back to sleep then, knowing that she was sleeping between me and his dad from the middle of the night (his dad was going to look when she was crying in the middle of the night and asked to go with mom) and that at the slightest solicitation, I replied to his desires to suck... Before the cure, I was all the time on the nerves at flower of skin, and most importantly, I realize that I spent my days on the mode " energy saving ". I couldn't manage to live fully in the present moment because I kept in mind the need to save energy for the nights... with the feeling of being ceaselessly " in-service ".We are on the 3rd day of the cure-and everyone seems relieved to finally have tags (it must be said that among us, we had no pace set, our daughter could eat as well at 19h to 21h...). And the cure works wonderfully. I layer my daughter in 15 seconds, and she falls asleep peacefully only then. The night still needs a few confirmations that everything is going well, mom and dad to ensure her safety, sanding the rhyme, but otherwise, it is impeccable.However, last night, her dad had to take over for naps and at night. As the nap went well, as soon as he took her in his arms to the bed at night, she looked anxious. We have not insisted and I lay our daughter in 15 seconds. Last night, our daughter woke up several times and I was very briefly in his room to reposition, in the range (10 seconds) to get back to sleep after a moment of crying. I don't know if I did well, knowing that, normally, after the 1st night, one is supposed to enter into the baby room that in the event of a big crisis... It seemed to be full of grief, that is why I went. She immediately rendormie.This is for the first few days of cure !Natacha Matsunuma second night and my little Adèle asleep in 2 min !!! thank you thank you thank you thank you !!! Servane Deny Hello parents, we are the cure takes place the day only since a few days (we started 3 weeks ago). The nights our daughter wakes up 1 time to eat between 5 am and 6 am, some nights (most of the time in the middle of the week) like the one that just ended she woke up 4 times!!! But this is becoming less and less frequent. We do everything to explain to him why we do this, the good that this gets to him and to us, that we love him... and well if the cure should last longer, is not serious. At the start, jallaitais my daughter will night and it did almost no nap ! Today, more than flapotement, more range, just a moment, a cuddle, a story and bedtime ! It chouine yet a little while, sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 20, but never more, and fall asleep alone ! We have a context a little special, we have to move out of 15000km, changing hemisphere, spend a daddy very present up to 1 hour with his daughter by day, with the presence of grandparents (which does not always help !), but we're getting there, you need to believe, listen to his child and his heart. Sometimes re-read passages of the book ( after several re-readings it is less vague and confused)Coralie Obrist A small message after a 2nd night which went very well, 50min to fall asleep again, but no crying this time! And no waking ds at night. And this despite the fact that a rhino-pharyngitis have been reported yesterday (what Anna described ds his book...). So we are thrilled!! Lise Bilotte Second night ! Much better, as expected. 1 wake up at 3 o'clock, magnificent !!! Then recall and listening until 4: 30 am, with phases of silence of 20 min. I am moved when he calms down and sleep again several times just with the rhyme. Anna said, so true ! And then sleep until the alarm at 7am ! If it continues like this, this is amazing, I am bleuffé !!! Sebastien Keruel Small return on the result of our cure, we are a j21. After starting rockn'roll. Our 4 year old daughter this layer perfectly and last night slept all night without waking up ( 1st time since his birth )We have made adjustments to the cure. We do not rigollade (this enerve too) but we have a special time with her to cuddle, a story, a feeding and she sleeps wonderfully well. She prefers the door half open and it doesn't bother us, she has a little night light. C is such a pleasure to see her sleep and we, too, Emma Carpenter Hello world :) love your babies :)I just say a big thank you to Jennie and Eric for the re-release of this book in gold !!!!! Because even in nursing, thanks to the tools, we have a 6 month baby who falls asleep on its own almost every time, without the breast, with the nursery rhyme, and a cuddly toy. He wakes up still at night but returning to sleep live (with the breast...), and we are also co-sleeping with a mattress just for him to not be glued and it is also the HNI. We wait 9 months for him to "ask" to eat less at night... but we see that little by little it regulates all alone, quietly ...I wanted to share another tool that we use in parallel and that helps us, frankly bcp : communication connected :) (the coco) for those who do not know it is qqchose great :)experiment !!!!Especially when we put in place the cure of the dodo or the tools, it is cool to know what the baby thinks :)to The dodo small + coconut = bueno bueno :) big hugs to tousque love to be with you Caroline Nguyên Capsulecorp Here you can find the translation project collective in French of the Best-Seller of Anna Wahlgren : For the love of enfantsAu dodo small is printed locally on 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based inks at the printer's leader in its commitment to the environment and social :

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