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Raw quality nori sheets
Reference: NORI

Raw quality nori sheets

Reference: NORI

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Package of 50 sheets


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Nori sheets dried below 45°C in a pack of 50 sheets

Not found anywhere else in Europe at this price

Perfect for sushis or tartars.

Excerpt from "Healthful Cuisine" : Recipes of raw vegan sushis, infinite variations...



  1. A special sushi small bamboo mat is very convenient, although not essential. Place the sushi rolling mat on a flat surface. Align the edge of a nori sheet with the edge of the sushi mat, the closest to you. You will roll the sushi from this corner.

  2. All the ingredients are placed on the nori sheet in a horizontal line so that if you cut the roll at any part, you will get a section of identical slice. Start with the wet ingredients (pate, avocado, marinated salad) and place a line of this ingredient along the sheet.

  3. Then place the other ingredients you want to include, always in line along your sheet.

  4. Get ready to roll! Use your fingers to moisten the edge of the paper farthest away from you using pure water. It will seal the roll when you have finished the rolling round. The first roll is the most delicate part of the process. Lift the sushi mat with the nori sheet and the first few lines of ingredients and bring together over the last few lines of the ingredients while keeping the set tight to achieve the first round.

  5. At this time, release the mat, pull it forward by rolling the end of the nori sheet. When you lift the mat, make sure that that the sheet is tight underneath, so that you can finish the rolling round.

  6. Let the roll sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes before cutting. It will soften a little the nori sheet and will enable to cut it more easily and cleanly.

  7. Cut out preferably with a ceramic knife and serve!

What is a nori roll?

A nori roll is a cylindrical preparation performed by rolling the ingredients inside a sheet of nori seaweed, sealed with a little water. They look like the nori rolls from Japanese restaurants where they are frequently offered.

Why make this Recipe ?

  • It is an easy meal to prepare and you can eat a variety of vegetables, including sprouted seeds.

  • It is a popular festive dish: cut the roll into 6 to 8 slices to give the appearance of a sushi.

  • It enables you to create small appetizers: place a thin line of pate on the inside, roll, slice and dehydrate.


1 dehydrated nori sheet 
1/4 cup of nuts / seeds pate 
   or 3 slices of avocado
   or 1/4 cup marinated salad
1/4 cup finely grated vegetables  
1 shallot or 1 asparagus
2 "julienne" sticks of red pepper
1/2 cup sprouted seeds


Other possible ingredients: young sprouts, carrots, pumpkins, rutabaga, black radish, white radish, red beet, turnip, burdock, artichoke, turmeric, horseradish, all-vegetable sticks.

Serve the nori  rolls with your favorite sauce, for example a "dip" sauce with sesame/ginger (sesame oil, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, Tamari, Shoyu).

Very low in calories, easy to carry, and much more economical than in stores.

The quality is exceptional and the taste of these algae surpasses everything that it is possible to find in organic or non-organic.

We have managed to get this algae after extensive research in partnership with a French supplier.

The dried nori sheets are imported from China.

The Western market is usually supplied in nori sheets, of which the color varies between dark green and light green because there is only little information about the different varieties and qualities. There are three types of nori sheets. The light green, green-dark and green-black sheets. More the sheet darker, better is the texture, form and taste quality!

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